Quality Policy

It is the policy of Rawley Plant Ltd to ensure that the products and the service that we supply always aim to achieve the highest quality. This will be achieved by continuously looking to improve our quality by constantly assessing areas in which we can improve.

Through the vigilance of our colleagues, customer feedback, industry improvements and establishing challenging objectives we will always look for new ways to improve our customer & colleague satisfaction.

It is the core belief of the company that by working together, we can improve. Our core objectives for improving quality are as follows:

  • Increase customer satisfaction – This can be done by providing excellent communication and monitored by the number of complaints.
  • Reduce product breakdowns – This can be achieved by ensuring products are fully tested and functional when delivered.
  • Reduce customer downtime – This can be done by prioritising all breakdowns and monitored by monthly breakdown turnaround reports.
  • Ensure 100% deliveries on date – We achieve this by carefully managing the work load we accept and working closely with our delivery partners.
  • Reduce customer invoice queries – This can be done by ensuring information processed is accurate and right first time. This is monitored by the monthly numbers of credit notes.
  • Increase staff satisfaction – This can be achieved through training and support. We can monitor this via our churn rate.
  • Eliminate health & safety accidents – We can do this through integrating a culture of safe working and 360 degree feedback.
  • Improve fleet quality – We can achieve this by sustainable investment in our fleet and through a program of continued refurbishment.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint – We can do this by keeping the emissions created by our transport as low as possible, investment in carbon reducing technology and our work in the environment.
  • Be better than our competitors – We can achieve this by benchmarking ourselves against them and being better. This can be monitored through customer retention & growth.

The Managing Director of Rawley Plant Ltd and all of our staff are fully committed to achieving the objectives listed above. We have an open door policy and welcome all suggestions in helping to meet our targets.