As some of you may know obtaining FORS is a tough challenge for the whole organisation.  From Administration to Operations FORS certification touches every process. Just to obtain FORS Bronze is a big step and takes time and management commitment. Every year an organisation is audited to ensure that the commitment to achieving FORS is maintained consistently over time.

That’s why we are exceptionally proud to announce that we have maintained our FORS certification for the fifth year running and the fourth year of achieving the Silver standard. 

Our 26 tonne lorry with on board Fassi over cab crane facility

In case you were unaware of what FORS is all about, it’s the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme, which aims to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of the best practice in safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. Certification is achievable at the Bronze, Silver and Gold standards.  You can find out more about FORS here.

Our Ford Ranger rapid response vehicles

To qualify for FORS Bronze you must provide evidence that your organisation maintains the relevant documentation and records, ensure that you have a responsible person who will communicate staff resource requirements and provide communication between departments to ensure that regulatory licensing, health and safety, complaints and infringements are kept up to date and monitored and that drivers are updated and adhere to the latest rules and regulations. You must also keep records of vehicle maintenance, training and fuel emissions among a host of other standards.

To achieve FORS Silver, as well as the Bronze certification you are required show performance, environmental and risk records are maintained, ensure that professional development of staff is progressing and record your evaluation of sub-contractors.

Our 3.5 tonne flatbed with tail lift

We welcome our audit visits every year and are confident that our business best practices have helped us achieved the FORS Silver standard for the second year running as well as maintaining our FORS Bronze status.

For our customers this means our operational activities are of the high standard you can expect from a professional site accommodation and toilet hire provider, with confidence that we are continuously reducing and improving the impact we have on every aspect of our deliveries.

We would like to thank all of the team here for helping us maintain our high standards.

Howard Rawley, Managing Director.


P.S. Download our FORS Silver Certificate here