Transport charges are dependent on the type and quantity of product and the location and will be priced on enquiry. Please get in touch with us for more information 01268 722311.

All the information you need regarding transport of our single and mobile event toilets is listed below.  Please ensure you read to the end, particularly if you are viewing this on a mobile device or contact us if you have any questions.

Mobile Toilet Hire Delivery, Siting and Power Requirements

The following provides important information for hires of all our Party Range and VIP Luxury Toilets. If you have any further questions please call our Event Toilet Hire Team on 01268 722311.

How Is My Mobile Event Toilet Delivered?

Our mobile event toilets are delivered using a 4×4 vehicle, in a similar way to towing a caravan. To assist us with your delivery we require detailed information about where you are thinking of locating your Party or VIP Range of mobile toilet. More information below…

Can I site a mobile toilet anywhere?

Almost.  We require a 3m wide access or larger to tow the mobile toilet unit into position.  Please consider access both on and around your property.  You should also think about access to the local area around where you would like the mobile toilet to be delivered – for example road access, parking obstructions and overhead restrictions such as low hanging phone or power cables and trees. Think about how you would tow a caravan and locate it on site.

Adverse weather conditions will affect our deliveries so if you are planning on siting your unit on grass and the weather is wet please ensure that we have some hard standing to place the units on. Adverse weather conditions can also affect the operation of the unit, such as freezing and frosty conditions.  This is due to the fact that just like other toilets, there is water in the internal pipework which is susceptible to freezing.  We would advise that if you are hiring toilets in the winter you place them inside a marquee or arrange for them to be covered.

Can I move my mobile toilet?

As our mobile toilets are positioned expertly by our delivery drivers you cannot move them once they are in position. Please ensure that you are on site or have a representative available to take delivery and advise the driver where they should be located on your site.

Do I need a power supply?

Yes.  We provide a 50ft cable for connection to mains 240v, 13amp power supply or the unit can be operated from a generator.  We recommend a 10kVA generator or larger.  We do not supply generators however we can recommend generator suppliers. Please speak to us if you have any queries regarding power.