Liquid Waste Removal Services

Rawley Plant Ltd are licensed waste carriers and have a license to dispose of waste at local sewage treatment works..

We can provide you with bulk waste tanks for use individually or with our mains toilet blocks and showers.

We also offer a comprehensive liquid waste removal service which can be carried out either on a one off basis or as a programmed service visit.  Whether you have your own effluent tanks or chemical toilets or you hire our products we can arrange waste removal and disposal for construction sites, event sites or private residences.

We carry out waste removal throughout London and south east UK and can also provide a network of associated companies and services further afield if required.

Effluent Waste Removal

Rawley Plant Limited are pleased to be able to offer you a comprehensive waste removal service including:

  • Bulk tank emptying services
  • Chemical toilet emptying services
  • Welfare unit toilet emptying services
  • Effluent tank emptying services
  • One off service visits and regular service visits available.

Effluent Tank Hire

Our liquid waste tanks are resistant to corrosion, easier to manoeuvre with larger access points for emptying.

They can be used on their own for general waste disposal or with our toilet and shower blocks.

Effluent Tank Specifications

Footprint     –    3.05m x 2.5m (10ft x 8ft)

Height         –    0.3m (2ft)

Capacities   –    3180 Litres (700 gallon)