Standard Site Storage

Secure, anti-vandal site storage space on site is essential for ensuring the security of tools, equipment and materials.

Our steel anti-vandal site storage containers come with double width access doors, double locking mechanism and door stays as standard. This helps you provide security and safety on site.

Racking is available upon request.

All our standard cabins are steel, anti-vandal units with high quality interiors.


Standard Site Storage Units are available in four sizes:

Length   3.6m (12ft), 4.8m (16ft), 6.0m (20ft) and 7.3m (24ft)

Width     2.4m (8′)

Height    3m approx.


  • Anti-vandal unit with double lock anti-jemmy door helps prevent opportunist break-ins;
  • Galvanised steel fabricated for extra resiliance;
  • Double width door to allow access for large equipment;
  • Lifting eyes for easy delivery on to and removal from site;
  • Door stays fitted as standard to prevent workers being trapped;
  • Adjustable jack-legs for uneven ground positioning.
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How is the unit delivered?

Our site storage containers are delivered using a lorry-mounted “HIAB” crane. For more information about transportation please click here.


Can I site it anywhere?

Yes, as long as the ground is solid enough to take the weight of the delivery vehicle and storage container. Ideally ground should also be as level as possible. For more information about access and siting please click here.


Do I need a power supply?

No.  The secure site storage container does not have lighting or a requirement for a power supply.


Who is responsible for the unit if it breaks down?

We offer a breakdown service during normal working hours.  If you have a breakdown please contact us and we will arrange for a service engineer to visit your site. See our Breakdown Promise.

We do not offer 24 hr call out at present.

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